Increases to your pension from April 2024

From 8th April 2024 Local Government Pensions paid will rise by 6.7%. Any pension which has been paid for less than a year will be increased by a proportionate amount depending on the number of months it has been in payment. For members with a State Pension Age that was before 1st April 2016, and who paid into this pension scheme between 1978 and 1997, the way in which this increase affects your Guaranteed Minimum Pension is different. Lewisham Pension Fund will pay some of the pension increases to you with your LGPS pension, and the government will pay the remainder with your State Pension payments. You will receive the full increase, only some of the increase will be in your State Pension. The same increase will be applied to all CARE pensions members have accrued that have not yet been brought into payment.


The McCloud Remedy

The LGPS rules changed from 1 October 2023. When public service pension schemes changed from final salary schemes to career average schemes in 2014 and 2015, older members were protected from the changes. The 2023 changes are called the McCloud remedy. They remove the age discrimination found in the McCloud court case. Now younger members may also benefit from these protections. Follow the link to find out if you are affected.

McCloud Remedy


Increases to members Earliest Retirement Age

The earliest retirement age is currently age 55. Please be aware this is increasing to age 57 from 1st April 2028. We do not have any further information regarding this change at this time but will announce further details when information becomes available.



Nominating Beneficiaries

We would like to remind all members to ensure they have nominated beneficiaries for any Death grant payments, and ensure their nominations are up to date. A form is available for you to download and complete if you would like to update your listed beneficiaries.

Opens in new window Expression of Wishes Form (Death Grant Nomination Form)


Member Self-Service Announcement

Please note that our new member self-service portal is now available for active and deferred members.

Opens in new window My Pension - Member Self-Service Portal


Beware of pension scams

Should you decide to transfer your benefits you should be aware of potential pension scams. Educating yourself and remaining vigilant are key to minimising the risk posed by pension scams.

Avoiding pension scams

Visit our 'Help & support' section for answers to a variety of frequently asked questions.

Help & support